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There have already been lots of technological advancements inside the trucking trade in regards to the basic safety with the motorists and collision prevention. One in the new products and solutions which might be out there at this time can be a lane departure warning program.

These methods are created to detect once the truck is acquiring from the lane that it really is currently in. This is certainly completed while using hope of reducing collisions because of to unwelcome lane improve. These methods are forward looking vision dependent techniques that use an algorithm to interpret video clip photographs to determine the motor vehicles lateral position, velocity, and roadway alignment. They can be created to notify the driver with visual or audible warning when the truck is modifying lanes without the usage of a blinker.

The techniques primary video image feed comes from a camera that is certainly mounted to the dash in the truck and that faces ahead by way of the windshield. This digital camera sends the information that it gets to centrally locates receiver that may interpret the video clip image received in an try to find out the vehicles velocity, lane position, and roadway alignment.

Using these programs can potentially stop a substantial portion with the business truck accidents that happen. Frequently time industrial trucks will drift from the road and upon hitting the shoulder, roll above. In these kinds of scenarios there's regular injury involved.

This technology has already been witnessed on quite a few new automobiles that are out there. Now getting out there to the typical public for immediate buy at a charge involving $1,000 and $2,000 it's an affordable expense that a lot of industrial truck motorists will make.

Derek's Departure

The last few weeks at 8020 Publishing have been difficult for us all.

It became increasingly evident that long-standing, significant differences of opinion regarding the direction of 8020 Publishing were preventing us from moving forward. We really had hoped to resolve these issues with Derek and work together as a team. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t come to an agreement and parted ways though Derek remains a shareholder in 8020 Publishing.

We recognize Derek’s contributions to JPG Magazine, past and present, and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Update: There have been a lot of questions from the community today about us rewriting history and we think it is important to say that we have no intention of rewriting the history of JPG Magazine. When 8020 was created we felt a photography magazine was a perfect first title to start with. JPG Magazine existed before and was absolutely the inspiration for the new JPG magazine. Derek and the contributors behind the early issues are a critical part of who we are and the heritage of JPG magazine is not something to be erased or forgotten. The JPG magazine that Derek and Heather created will always be an inspiration to us and we are committed to the principles that they set out.


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