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JPG Magazine Selected as Webby Honoree

Posted by Christi Ginger on 8 April 2008

honoree_black_LOW.gifThe 12th annual Webby Awards has seleted JPG Magazine as an Official Honoree in the Magazine category. The Webby awards honor excellence on the internet and this year the awards received nearly 10,000 entries from all 50 states and over 60 countries worldwide. We're thrilled that JPG Magazine was among the honorees and couldn't be more proud of recognition the JPG community has been receiving.

Mr. Magazine Selects Everywhere as a Notable Launch of 07

Posted by Christi Ginger on 8 April 2008

Samir Husni, known to most as Mr. Magazine, has included Everywhere Magazine in his list of the top 5 notable magazine launches of 2007. The 5 honorees were narrowed from an original list of 30 new magazine launches. Mr. Magazine briefly describes his criteria for these selections:

"The [choices] reflect my opinion and belief that these titles are innovative and have the potential to make an impact on the industry."

We are quite honored to be selected and want to again thank the Everywhere community for their contribution in the success of Everywhere Magazine. Thanks!

Newsweek Article on 8020 Publishing

Posted by Christi Ginger on 11 March 2008

Today, 8020 Publishing was the focus of the Newsweek article A Twist on the Traditional Magazine Model. The article focuses on the shift in media consumption towards online content and 8020's model of publishing community-generated content.

Contributors from both JPG and Everywhere were interviewed for the article, and their experiences help illustrate the continuing value of print publications. Published Everywhere contributor Sloan Schang relates his experience of having his travel writing published in Everywhere Issue 02:

"It's definitely different seeing something on the page and holding it and knowing that it was valued enough for it to go into print...My parents immediately wanted to know where they could go buy it."

Overall, it's a great piece on the 8020 model of community-powered magazines.

Laura Brunow Miner is JPG's New Editor

Posted by Paul Cloutier on 6 March 2008

We are super excited to announce that Laura Brunow Miner is our new Editor for JPG!

Laura has worked with us nearly since the start of the magazine, first as Designer then as Design Director for JPG. For the last 5 issues she has been integrally involved in the editorial development of the magazine as well. She has been a huge part of what makes the magazine what it is today.

Laura has a great sensibility for JPG's editorial mission, and her passion for the community and a real understanding of the power of the images that come from this community make her the ideal person to guide this magazine. She was even published in JPG before she came to work with us.

JPG is what you make it, and in the last year and a bit we have seen you all take JPG to places we never would have expected. Your submissions to the themes are consistently surprising and your photo essays are giving us new insight into your lives, a world that the mainstream media is increasingly ignoring. This is the idea behind our new tagline: "Your World in Pictures". You have begun to show us something so much more than just photography, it's the real world shown to us through pictures, the details of your lives and experiences that are so much more authentic than we are seeing anywhere else.

It is for these reasons that finding the right person to be the Editor is so important; a person to guide a magazine that gives you a voice. We are enormously lucky to have in Laura someone who understands all of this so well and has such familiarity with what makes JPG so special.

As of today, Laura officially takes the title of Editor of JPG, but in our minds she has been doing the job in all but title for quite some time now. And what a great time for her to be able to immerse herself in the role completely, because with our next issue on Human Impact we have a great example of the kinds of things we want to see much more of in the coming issues of JPG.

So thanks to all of you in the community for helping to create such an incredible collection of photos and stories for us to work with, we know that Laura will be an excellent curator of your hard work. Good luck Laura!

Issue 2 of Everywhere Now Available Online!

Posted by Paul Cloutier on 28 February 2008

The full preview of issue 2 is now available for viewing online and for download over at Everywhere.

In this issue, we search for the soul of Los Angeles, rediscover Places Reborn, explore the crossroads of historic Turkey, and introduce a few Hotel Bars that get the mix right. We also take a peek inside an ocean liner adrift in time, trek through the Canadian backwoods, and marvel at some of America’s oddball roadside attractions. All this and more, in the second issue of Everywhere Magazine!

If you like what you see, join the community today and become a subscriber.

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