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8020 featured in the New York Times

Posted by Christi Ginger on 26 November 2007 (8020 Publishing)

This past weekend, the New York Times ran an article on 8020 Publishing. The feature focuses both on the aspects that make 8020 Publishing unique within the magazine industry and on our place within the field of user-generated online content. The article also has a great quote from Samir Husni:

"'You’re going to see more of this,' said Samir Husni, who is chairman of the journalism department at the University of Mississippi and writes the well-known magazine business blog Mrmagazine.com. 'I don’t think it’s just about getting cheap content into a magazine. Seeing their own work in print makes people feel like part of a community.'"

Its a nice introduction to the 8020 story and is generating a lot of great discussion on the future of print media.

JPG Honored by Min Magazine

Posted by Christi Ginger on 14 November 2007 (8020 Publishing)

JPG was just selected as one of the Hottest Digital Launches of the past year by Min Magazine. 8020 Publishing was on hand to accept the award yesterday at Min's 21 Most Intriguing People Ceremony.

Min Magazine is a leading industry magazine that celebrates innovative digital and print media. We're thrilled to be recognized and want to again thank everyone in the JPG community.