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Newsweek Article on 8020 Publishing

Posted by Christi Ginger on 11 March 2008 (8020 Publishing)

Today, 8020 Publishing was the focus of the Newsweek article A Twist on the Traditional Magazine Model. The article focuses on the shift in media consumption towards online content and 8020's model of publishing community-generated content.

Contributors from both JPG and Everywhere were interviewed for the article, and their experiences help illustrate the continuing value of print publications. Published Everywhere contributor Sloan Schang relates his experience of having his travel writing published in Everywhere Issue 02:

"It's definitely different seeing something on the page and holding it and knowing that it was valued enough for it to go into print...My parents immediately wanted to know where they could go buy it."

Overall, it's a great piece on the 8020 model of community-powered magazines.

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