8020 Publishing is a revolutionary new hybrid media company, bringing the best of magazines and the web together. We harness the diversity and depth of online communities to create printed magazines that are uniquely relevant and insightful.

JPG cover image

JPG Magazine

Your World in Pictures

JPG is a beautifully provocative, award-winning magazine for photographers and writers who want inspiration, camaraderie, and connection.

The world’s vast array of distributed talent showcased in JPG Magazine provides unique insight and a fresh point of view. Want the chance to see your work in print? Join the community!

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Everywhere Magazine

Travel is All Around You

Designed for people looking for authentic world experiences, Everywhere Magazine gives a voice to travelers worldwide who wish to tell their stories and share their favorite places.

You’ve never seen a travel magazine like this before. We’re different because each issue of Everywhere is created by the world’s largest and most experienced staff of travel experts: you! Have something to share? Join the community!